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Welcome to my site explaining my approach to trading on the Betfair betting exchange, why and how I do it, and how you can too with some of the methods I have picked up and devised over the many years.

Betfair trading is tax-free. It allows traders to work from the comfort of their ow home with no travel costs and very few setup costs. If you’re a sports fan it’s also an extremely enjoyable way to earn a living!

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As many of my readers know, I have been working on writing a detailed eBook to publish my entire method for analysing and implementing my football trades. This is something I have been asked to do by literally hundreds of people over the years but I just never found the time until now. The footie break this summer especially with the Euros, gave me a nice relaxed period to finally put pen to paper and document each and every step, every click, every glance I make when choosing my daily Betfair trades.

ebooksmallHaving been doing this for so many years, it took a lot of time and effort to actually document everything I do because so much of it is done on auto-pilot. But finally it’s done, and after asking a few people to have a look at it and give me their thoughts, the views are very positive so I hope this will provide many readers with an extremely useful insight into this simple strategy for trading full time on Betfair. Click here to read more.

I am repeatedly being asked to publish more of my Befair trading strategies but this takes time to document fully, I am working on it. I have recently updated my page about horse racing trading where I outline my preferred methods, if that’s more your thing.

In Play Trade

Bani Yas v Al Nasr (UAE) – 0-2 I am laying Al Nasr at 1.08. Small stakes, will add more if it goes 0-3. Just like yesterday this is a very very speculative trade, a throwaway job, so the losses need to be pocket change. It could end 0-5 or 0-10. But it could end 1-2 or 2-2 as well. I will let you check the stats, but last time these teams met in the same location, it ended 1-2, and the home team usually scores 1.5 goals per game so its well worth it at such a low price. But its not one to go heavy on as the …

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Thursday 8 December

Well I can see nothing of interest today at as far as KO LTD goes. Will update if I see any in play opportunities, but need to avoid these internationals as much as possible I think. Unreliable for trading in my view. Craig asked me to look at the Palestino v ColoColo game in the Chilean Premier league. Ok Craig a few thoughts: I have never traded the Chilean league. this isn’t a negative as such, but makes me slightly wary as I don’t know much about it. There is certainly plenty of liquidity with 31k matched at time of writing. i have looked at this and I understand your …

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just a silly one

there is at least a chance of a home goal, a better chance than 0.1% anyway! one of those silly speculative things i often do, i wouldnt normally post about it but peopel are asking for me to try my best to post all my trades even the silly throwaway ones, so here it is, just so nobody bitches at me if i say i made some green on a game i didnt mention 😀 …

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Pizza time

Well that was a losing day for me which was annoying, mainly because the losses which caused the overall losing day were games which went utterly and crazily against the stats. Have to take those on the chin just like I will with the cheese on my pizza 😀 maybe a few people will see why I have learned to be so wary of the UEFA type games and cup games etc. They really can throw up some odd results even when there are stats. The consistency just isn’t there like the league games. Some great greens but more reds overall. One of those days where I paid the imaginary …

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How very odd!

I laid Nuneaton when they went 0-2 up. I laid at 1.16, that was when it was 2 goal difference. I then laid again lower at 0-3. Whats funny is, it’s now 1-3, so two goals apart and less time to play, the odds SHOULD be lower than 1.16 if this was a properly formed market, but its at 1.25?! I dont mind, its more green, but how odd. This is what I mean by low liquidity games, they are not to be trusted too much as the lack of money flow means the prices dont always follow logic. This can mean some great opportunities, but also can mean missing …

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Carlisle v Mansfield

I have Laid Mansfield, it was either that or a small back bet on Carlisle but with odds so low on Mansfield, I would rather do that So many ops here, too many browser tabs open and easy to get mixed up. I would love to back PSG and been saying that since they were 1.45 after conceding a goal! but its just too little potential return! …

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6 December

Rubbish coupon today. The only game which comes close to a LTD is Aberdeen, but the price of it is ridiculously high. 4.2 I might be interested, but 5.2 can take a running jump! I will see if any in play trading opportunities come up, but it looks like a quiet day as Tuesdays often are


I have been resisting Xamax for ages, and decided to finally close the window as the odds are just too high due to low volume. But i have just seen benevento have gone 0-1 down. I have backed them for small stakes as a pure value bet, i probably wont hang around to trade out but might if i remember. at 4.3 I feel its a value bet all day long that …

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Charleroi game was abandoned due to crowd trouble. Bets voided. Shame as I was confident of some green there, oh well can’t grumble after another good on the exchange! I have a load of family stuff this week so may not be trading every day, will post anything I do get involved in. cheers for now

Spot the cretin

hahahaha. I only did small stakes but I can’t quite believe what I did wrong here. I read U4.5 as ‘more than 3’ instead of more than 4. WHAT A MUPPET! I thought I had added a nice little extra chunk of green for the day when I saw it go 4-0…. I really can’t believe I did that! I had a friend turn up with some stuff for me, I was in and out making coffee and nattering, clicking a button then back out to look through the stuff he brought round, i glanced at this and thought there has to be one more goal in this game, but …

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Well Graz got another as half expected. I am actually adding to my lay at 1.01. There is over half an hour left in this game, and the home usually score 1.75 goals per game, and there is plenty of time for a green up here. By laying again, I only need the odds to go to 1.07 to recover my first trade and no doubt green some up too. But this must be seen as a trade in its own right, this is not chasing a losing trade. The same arguments and stats apply now as they did before, I just have a chance to take a bit more …

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Oh go on then, just a little one

Wolfsberger v Sturm Graz – I checked this when it went 0-1. It wasn’t good enough. I have checked it again now its just gone 0-2 at the stroke of HT. It’s still not fantastic, but a lay at 1.07 on Sturm Graz looks to me like a worthwhile position to take here. Again, with these you have to be happy to say good bye to your liabilty, as one more goal from Graz (and they could easily get another quickly after HT) will probably mean a losing trade. However at 1.07 the implied probability is 93.5%. Remember that’s an IP on Graz to WIN THE GAME. But this position …

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Sunday proper update

Fiorentina v Palermo – unbelievable price, over 6 on draw yet home team score 0.67 goals per game and their best result is 1-0 all season! I am sorely tempted to back the draw for 20 minutes there, but I tend not to do this any more even though I used to do it with quite good success. I just dont enjoy trading where a home goal wipes my trade out, more a choice than a trading decision. Havin said that, this game has shock written all over it, but I will leave it alone if i can’t find a low risk way in as they could break their average …

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