Scalping – Trading Horses on Betfair

Horse Trading on BetfairI don’t actively use horse trading on Betfair as part of my trading day lately, but I have done and I had reasonable success. The reason is more to do with the time of day and how it fits (or doesn’t) my daily schedule.

Scalping horses on Betfair is a very simple Betfair trading strategy, and definitely one worth learning if you are new to horse trading or sports exchange trading in general.

Basically you are just looking for one or two ticks of “green” or profit BEFORE the horse race begins, usually only within the last 10-20 minutes before the off, or at least that’s how I choose to do it because that is when the most money is in the markets.

You are not looking to ride a trend with this method, but trend trading knowledge can be used to help pick the right ladders to trade, as I would prefer to have a good overall idea where the market is likely to go generally speaking, and of course markets can and do turn, but generally a trending market is easier to scalp than a non-trending market.

You can either back or lay first, with the opposite bet to exit the trade, and you can have as many as 40 or 50 trades in a matter of minutes quite easily. The trick is to stay sensible and not get greedy. If you see a market which is trending (usually just pick the favourite or 2nd favourite) then just watch the ladders for a while, and when you feel you have a feel for the movements, bang in a back bet (if dropping) or a lay bet (if turning upwards). IMMEDIATELY place an exit bet (opposite) just one tick away from your entry. Don’t worry about greening up at this stage, you do that at the very end just before the off.

Horse Trading on BetfairWith this method, you really can have some fun. If you are using Bet Angel (recommended) then you can set your tick size (money per tick) and this means you don’t have to worry about playing with your settings, you just hit the back and lay buttons on the ladders, super fast, low risk, enjoyable trading.

You won’t make a fortune with this method, but that’s not the idea, the idea is to make a good few quid SAFELY and easily. Scalping horses before the off on Betfair is probably the very first step anyone should take when looking to trade the horse markets.

(I shouldn’t say, but I did try this in running, and you can make a lot more and also can lose a lot more! Just throwing that out there for those who it may appeal to!)



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