Football Trading 26th Feb

Well lots of possibles but not quite good enough today. There is only one which looks good enough to trade, Grimsby v Ebbsfleet. See stats – This looks good, but not excellent. The problem is the price. At 4.9 the draw is in my view too pricey. It is one of those I won’t make my mind up on until closer to KO, possibly waiting to see if I can watch some of the game. If I can, and Grimsby look dominant from the start, I will get in below 4.5. If not, I won’t.

Football Trade update

Well, i was called out to a friend in need shortly before the game. I had an alarm on my phone so knew the game had started. I managed to get online at his house briefly and saw it was 1-0 by 20 minutes of play, and i was trying to get out on a weird looking betfair website, no exchange, just a bookie service so I couldn’t trade out until i worked out how to get the exchange up, by which time the other team had bloody equalised! SO typical! Anyway, i hung on then and waited til 1-3 and took £60 green, not breaking any records but good …

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Football trading update

Well two nice evening LTD picks there. Elche scored nice and early but the stats are so good I am waiting for a second to hopefully get more profit from that trade. Athletico Madrid – just scored also, so took a quick £80 green, not chancing any more risk on that one as Espanyol are a capable team and don’t concede a lot usually. Happy to be out with some green there. Update: Well that was hairy. Was about to exit for a £250 loss when Elche finally got another goal. PHEW! Turned a mediocre day into a good one. £220 greened for the day 🙂 …

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Trading update

Well Ajax was a real upset. Unbelievable, but at 80 minutes the dog is still a goal ahead. Considering the long period of time I had in the trade, losing £80 on it is not at all bad. Quite happy with that as losing trades go. Man City got a goal in second half and I greened £100 profit on that, so a fairly even day so far. I have put a £10 back bet on Ajax and a £2 back bet on Chelsea. If Ajax get a late goal I could get some of the losses back. Chelsea was backed at 65-1 so if they score before 90 minutes, …

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Sunday 24 Feb Second Update

Atheltico Madrid v Espanyol – Stats are superb here. 12 Home wins for AM, no draws and no losses. Espanyol don’t concede an awful lot, which is the only bad point I can think of , but this is well worth a trade in my view. Draw is about 4.9 so I am laying it now to get in. Elche v Huesca – Top V Bottom classic. Away team not as weak as I would like, and don’t concede a lot, but Elche should nail this one and they tend to score early. With a draw price of 4.1, it’s well worthy of a trade, I am in. That’s it …

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Sunday 24 Feb – First betfair trades

Only just sat down, late again to office. First two observations before analysing the whole coupon are: Ajax v ADO Den Hag – Well stats are pretty one sided. No way this would have been a trade normally as draw priced at over 7 before KO. However its 0-1 to Ado den Hag and STILL the draw price is up at 4.1! I have never done this before, but still see value in this bet. I have laid the draw despite the home team being a goal down! I am watching the game and it is frankly electric, shot after shot after shot. Ajax beat PSV 3-1 recently, and PSV …

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23rd Feb Betfair Trading….

Sorry about the late update. I was out until much later than expected, by the time I got home I noticed a game I wanted to get into and didn’t have time to update til now. Rennes v Sochaux – Noticed it was 1-1 at HT and the home team are strong on stats and especially strong in the last 1/3 of the game. So I laid the draw at 2.6 just intending to stay in until 2. Goal came a few minutes later so I took a small but quick £53 greened. Austria Vienna v Admira Wacker – This was a great game as far as the stats showed. …

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Football Trading Update

Two wins from two picks. 🙂   ————   8 p.m. Well I had considered a LTD on Barcelona away. I rarely go for away LTDs, although Barca is often one of the few exceptions to the rule. However, I never do it unless the odds are well priced and they weren’t here so I just watched the game. Granada looked quite dangerous, and they went 1-0 ahead half way through the first half. This presented a value bet opportunity, because of the overpricing on the draw due to punters expecting Barca to walk the game to an easy win. This is a rare method I use, called Back The …

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Betfair Trading Diary – Saturday 16th Feb

Plenty of tempters today but I have narrowed down to two definite picks. 1. Easily the strongest pick of the day – Cardiff v Bristol. Stats are excellent, and the price is surprisingly cheap at 4.4. I have laid £200 there 2. Very strong pick also, but being a low league game the volume may be a problem. Hoping to get matched before the 1300 kick off – Karlsruhe v Dortmund II. Great stats, bit pricey and low volume so need to be careful as exiting these low volume football matches can be tricky, and costly. Will see how it goes. Ideally want more than 10k matched. Wait and see.

Football trading results

Well two small wins is fine by me. Expected more today to be honest, but was busy with a water leak after a pipe burst, so i was trading via my iphone and I never like being in a trade when i am not at my desk really. AC Milan game wasn’t as lively as I hoped, but they went 1-0 ahead just before HT. It was an own goal by the away team, and between that the first half only seeing one goal, it was a sensible idea to get out so I did, for a £64 win greened. Seville – well 5 minutes into the game they got …

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