P.S. A word about the e-cigarette ads…

You may have noticed I have stuck some ads on for e-cigs. That’s because I have been so BLOWN AWAY by these things that I have decided to promote them a bit on the side. Hoping it earns a sale here or there to pay for my own habit!

Having been a 40 a day tobacco smoker for 25 years, especially at the desk when trading, the family was getting a bit peed off at me and fair enough I suppose. So I have electronic cigarettes a try a while back, and didn’t like the ones I bought as they were shop bought cheapies. Another trader then showed me one of his, a Green Smoke one, and I was knocked over by it, it was SO realistic and such good quality that I bought a kit myself after reading a few online reviews about Green Smoke UK. mybestelectroniccigarette.co.uk published a good one a while back.

This is a US company which has just launched in the UK, so the prices are just ridiculously cheap but they are probably the best quality you will find in the UK market now.

I am now off the tobacco altogether, which my wife is very happy about and so are my lungs by all accounts as I feel great! If anyone is interested in trying them, they have a special promotion on just for 2 days for Fathers Day. Click Here for £15 off today! They are honestly a life-changer for me.

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