Today’s trading results

£212 green today from two modest winning trades. Well Brugge left it late, swines had me sweating, but I laid a bit more at 2.8 (another £100) as those stats were too strong not to try and add a bit more green for a little more risk. So they went 1-0 eventually and I did my alternative exit strategy, so instead of backing the draw to green up, i laid the home team as their odds were down at 1.15. I don’t have Bet Angel now so I played with the figures on the Betfair screen to get this nice little outcome, now i want the dog to win 😀 …

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One evening trade

Well a quick update on Leverkusen, it’s 1-0 before HT which is nice. Their stats suggest they can concede quite a few goals so I am getting out at 7.4 rather than wait for more goals as either side could score here. £87 green. One more trade from what was a massive shortlist of semi-tradeable football matches today: Club Brugge v KV Oostende – Belgium. Stats line up very nicely for a lay the draw trade I have ordered my lay at 5.1. Probably wont get matched now I am publishing it here, but will see what happens! Game kicks off at 7pm. good luck to anyone trading today …

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Today’s shortlist

Villareal v Malaga interested me at first, but they score late and the price is too high in my view when compared to the stats which are not strong enough to merit the price. Braga – Now there’s a ridiculously overpriced game! 6 for the draw? Have a look at the stats! That’s a BACK the draw all day long! I am not trading but if i was I would be looking to back, not lay the draw! America MG v ABC – This is a Brazilian game which I rarely trade, but the stats here look awesome for the crazy bargain price of 4.2 to lay the draw. I …

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I have NEVER seen a game with SUCH a strong home team, hitting SOOOOOO many shots at the target or thereabouts, and getting to the end 0-0. Absolutely unbelievable. There is luck involved in any trading, and sometimes you either have it or you don’t. It wasn’t with me today that’s for sure. How many goals came off that post or goalie, never seen a game like it. AGHH

One trade today

Roma v Cagliari – 1945hrs. This is fairly good, the only slight negative is the apparent slow down in the home teams form over the past 2-3 games. But all things considered, they SHOULD annihilate Cagliari so I have laid £200 at 5

Man City quick trade

I see City are 2-0 up. I expect Tottenham to get at least a goal, so I have laid Man City for £500 at 1.09. Low risk with very big upside, and a downside I can tolerate if it doesn’t work. 🙂 (and yes its stats based, not a whim!) HAHA, while typing, before matched, its 3-0 City. HA HA, well it just stacks up even more on risk reward now so I am going in at 1.02 for a grand. only need a goal for some green, but this is a bit of a gamble by my usual standards

Painful result to ruin the day yesterday

Well it seems this is often the story for me, no idea why! I have many friends who trade LTD and have often much looser criteria than I do for their selections, and they make a fortune. I was making a fortune until around the time I set this blog up, peculiarly! Since then it’s been a bit of a struggle, but after years of doing this I know it’s just a patch, a long one, but a patch all the same. Just got to stick to the game plan, and keep picking them the same way. Yesterday saw a lovely and pretty damn obvious early winner, but the second …

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First green banked…

Well they took their time didn’t they! But stats rarely lie, so at HT I placed a further £100 lay the draw bet at 3, adding a little more potential loss but a lot more potential green. A nice timely goal on 51 minutes and I just traded out with £187 greened 🙂 Here’s hoping Napoli can follow up for a nice double today. …

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Saturday 23rd November Trades

Well that was a long morning of stats Napoli – 7.45pm – Great home form, low conceding stats and scoring over 2 goals per game on average. Definite trade for me @ 4.5 to lay the draw Lens 1pm – WOW, I am struggling to find something I must be missing here?! These stats are about as close to a textbook perfect LTD trade as you can get, yet the price is tiny! What a bargain this is. Just check these stats out….. And that trade can be had for the bargain price of 4.2?! Actually its cheaper than that but I wanted to get my £200 in now before …

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When a shortlist becomes a long list!

Well so far I have over 20 games on my “shortlist” for today! What a crazy coupon, and some great looking trades, but I am about to do the detailed analysis of stats so i will update shortly. I am out today so not sure how many I can trade, but will post the trades I would do if I was at home, as I may be for some of them if not all. Back in a bit, phew!

Norralot, as Cilla used to say!

Well its yet more international games, and a few FA cup fixtures today. So no trades for me. I wish I had bet angel now, as these games will make some great high volume tradeable ladders for bookmaking, but I am just too busy so not going to pay out for bet angel until i know I can spend the time doing that, which will be January at the earliest. So for now its just a case of sitting on my hands until the next decent lay the draw comes along …

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Internationals Day

Hi, I am not trading any lay the draws today, its a coupon full of international games. However, if I still had Bet Angel I would definitely be spending an evening in my office tonight, as the scalping, bookmaking and dutching opportunities are fantastic with these international games. You can bank easy money just taking a tick in the odds ladders here and there. I will do a video on how to do this as soon as I can, but I need Bet Angel again first and I have little spare cash outside of my Betfair account at the mo, so it may be a few weeks. I plan lots …

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