A quick word about Betfair Poker

Well as a few of you will know, those who know me well now, I have slight shame in admitting I took up Poker a little while back. It was mainly a way to pass some time during trading the footie games, the Betfair Poker Bonus adds got my attention and I finally clicked. Boy am I glad I did! As I have learned, Poker is not just a trashy game for the drunks after a night out, it is SO much more than that, and I am now involved with several people who make a very handsome full time living doing nothing but playing online poker at Betfair and other sites.

If you are interested in how I discovered this, I have just posted a new page covering the basic story, so have a read of my new Betfair Poker Bonus page if you are that way inclined. One thing is for sure, I will click every poker bonus ad I see from now on, here is the one I clicked on…

It makes for an interesting story, and every word of it is true. I really can’t believe just how easy online poker can be as a revenue source, but it does take a bit of learning (obviously) and also some discipline (obviously obviously!). I honestly do believe it is actually easier to make money this way than it is trading football games, as there is more maths and less luck. I won’t be replacing my betfair football trading with it, no chance, but it’s a handy addition and who knows where this will lead! Here is a link to the free cash on offer

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