Painful result to ruin the day yesterday

Well it seems this is often the story for me, no idea why! I have many friends who trade LTD and have often much looser criteria than I do for their selections, and they make a fortune. I was making a fortune until around the time I set this blog up, peculiarly! Since then it’s been a bit of a struggle, but after years of doing this I know it’s just a patch, a long one, but a patch all the same. Just got to stick to the game plan, and keep picking them the same way.

Yesterday saw a lovely and pretty damn obvious early winner, but the second trade with Napoli was a joke when you compare the stats with the result. A quick check of news and pundit opinion reassured me that this was a strong pick and just another shock result. It happens.

Not sure what today will hold yet, but hopefully a chance to bag some green. update soon, washing the car first, its filthy!

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