Well, we got the goal. Whilst it came I had an idiot here collecting something I sold on ebay. My god could this guy talk! Talk about lonely, i was as polite as possible, but said I had to go quickly so could he hurry up, that was when he began telling me about his wife leaving him….. AAAGH!

I pretended to run to the loo and quickly ran to the computer and ordered my exit then ran back out. Came in to see the odds at 1.8 and my bet still on. SOOOO annoying, wish I had Bet Angel again now, for some reason my bet didn’t get accepted in the browser and no idea why, no record of it in my account stats. Very annoying, £200 loss.

The dumb**** has gone now, so I can just hope for some green back on Villareal! I did say it was going to be one of those days, loads of green or loads of red, and so far I don’t like the way its going!!!

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