Two winners, and some sweaty palms!

Well thanks to that ridiculously badly run company known as Betfair, I couldn’t exit my trades but for once luck was very much on my side and both trades won. Ok they should have both been winners, but not down to the wire. I was trying to trade out for a break even on the Vasco game after the dog scored first and the odds were at 3.7 so I could get out of that one without any win or loss, which is my approach when this happens. The other game had a nice early goal and would have been a decent enough green trade.

Betfair clearly don’t invest anywhere NEAR enough money in their IT infrastructure considering the millions being traded sometimes every minute. It has peed me off for years now. They are SO hated by all traders, I am yet to meet a Betfair trader who has anything good to say about the company providing the platform on which they earn their living! They really should try a new approach, actually working FOR your customers and not ROBBING them with 50% commission rates alongside a ridiculously flaky network or server setup which are so vulnerable to instability and attacks. When the hell will they WAKE UP?! If Betdaq or any other company copied Betfair’s business model (without the crap customer support and crap systems) and had enough money on their markets for traders to switch, Betfair would and should be dead in the water!

Come on someone, make a new betting exchange and put those idiots out of business!

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