Ordering Problems and Credit Card Issues – LTD eBook

Just a note to the many people who have contacted me after being frustratingly refused by Clickbank’s ordering system. I have been in discussions with Clickbank for weeks about this problem, and they keep giving me a fairly generic auto response about “security” and “protecting me from fraudulent transactions”. However the truth is they are not protecting anyone from anything in most cases, these are genuine buyers with genuine credit cards, their system is too sensitive and I have been arguing this for a while as many would-be buyers have used their cards on the (very secure) Paypal system recently, so there is nothing wrong with the cards, it’s more a problem with Clickbank’s over-sensitive fraud detection system.

I finally got at least some way with convincing them their system has a problem, and they asked me to refer all customers who are having problems ordering to them, so they can individually assess the reasons for the order rejection.

If you are one of the people who has tried ordering recently and had your order declined, Clickbank has asked that you contact them direct by email, detailing when you tried to order and what error message you received. Please email them at payments@clickbank.com, and explain that your credit card is 100% genuine, and that you are being denied in the checkout without good reason. Hopefully this will help some of you who have been emailing me lately trying to get a copy of my Lay the Draw strategy without much success. I can only apologise, I have tried my very best to push the point that genuine people are trying to buy a genuine product and the payment processor is standing in their way!

Thanks, and sorry for the hassle, I can assure you I have done everything I can to convince these people that their system is flawed but until they hear it from customers first hand, I don’t think they will do much to sort it out.

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