Racing Tipster Service

I have had quite a few people asking me over the past year whether I know of a good horse tipping service, either backing or laying.

I don’t go in for this much, although I did know of a great service (and used it) a few years ago now which stopped as all the good ones do it seems. Anyway, generally I would advise people to avoid these, not just because most of them are utter robbery, but because it can go against the grain of pure trading, and can upset the mental state quite easily if the results are not coming in successfully, which often results in traders becoming gamblers, the biggest threat to any trader!

Having said that, I did promise quite a few people that I would let them know if something good ever came up, and it seemed easier to post it here than trawl through all the emails to find them all individually.

I can’t give details yet as I only heard about it today and it’s not launched yet, but I am ‘reliably’ informed that on November 8th there will be a service launching, a service which (I am told) was extremely successful for a small group of members a while back. More to the point, there will be a discounted launch period of one week, and I am being given access to this price for my readers, so on the 8th November I will post the details (once I get them myself) and let you interested parties know how to trial the service for half price.

Obviously, I am not running the service, and while I trust the guy who informed me about this, I can’t guarantee it in any way, so it’s a case of take yer chances and pays yer money, I don’t want any complaints as I won’t be involved in selections or anything like that! However, I wouldn’t be mentioning it if I didn’t think it looked to be one of the few decent services in this area, so fingers crossed I am right and a few of you will get what you have been harassing me for over the past year or so!! Until 8th November then…

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