the Roma game. I watched 10 minutes of it and not impressed at all, both teams seem more concerned about preventing the goal than scoring one.

i was about to add… famous last words! the game was so dull i made the right move.  I must admit I am sorely tempted to lay Roma as everything I saw the game looked more favourably on Milan!


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  1. I know some layed the 0-0 at ht in roma, have to say I prefer the standard LTD to laying a 1/5 shot. Thoughts? Sorry, forgot you’re struggling. If you don’t have a cut and paste answer i’ll ask you again !

    • haha no problem John. yes I have to say over the long term, i.e. a good four or five years, the bog standard LTD did and does work well. lately I have got back into racing quite heavily and so I am often still very busy when games kick-off so the later entries do suit me better these days. I do also like a reduced risk but only on special occasions when there is a clear reason to stay out until later.

      today felt like one of those days from the start, Stuttgart gave me that feeling too. I refuse to trade on gut feeling alone but some days try to tempt us! it’s a mistake to be tempted though, the stats and probabilities approach works, just not every single day!

  2. I am slightly curious whether codeine is bad for trading, I certainly feel like I have been easily confused today although I think it was worth it for the lack of shooting pains hahaha

  3. So in roma game this evening you would always lay the draw, rather than lay 0-0?
    Go easy on that codeine, it’s strong stuff. Being an opiate it’s the same family as morphine/heroin. It could definitely make you feel a bit hazy ?

    • that depends on prices. yes usually I lay the draw but if it is very late and there is not much difference in prices then laying the 0-0 obviously is a better bet.

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