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Various people have commented that my updates are often delayed from reaching them by email notifications, sometimes 30-60 minutes. Despite me repeating that this is not a tipping service, just a diary, I do also understand that many people like to see what is taking my interest in case they may not have spotted the opportunity, and they therefore need to get updates as fast as possible as often there is only a minute or two to take action before it’s too late and the opportunity disappears.

This will be properly solved when I upgrade the hosting I am using which I will do at some point in the new year. Until then I just wanted to let you all know that in my experience the fastest updates come through to my Facebook page and Twitter page, next comes the ezine list (sign up form over on right hand side) and slowest of all is the WordPress subscription option. So for those of you on Facebook and Twitter I strongly advise you to like/follow my FB page (right hand side in sidebar) and also follow the Twitter feed. That will ensure you have several ways to receive updates and will get notifications of my trades/posts pretty much instantly. I don’t know which will be fastest but it will vary depending on your own connection settings etcetera.

That should solve the delay problem for now, but once I get round to improving the hosting service it will all hopefully be a lot quicker but still I suspect FB and Twitter will be fastest as my site is set up to automatically post any new posts onto the FB and Twitter feeds, usually happens in less than a second after I click “publish”, and for those of you who do the FB/Twit thing you can have notifications on your phone or email or whatever you want, and of course you can turn them off if you want to silence them later. Oh and Google Plus is also a very fast option for those who have it, just click Follow.


I have put a red circle around the various choices you have to stay up to date, all are in the right hand sidebar on every page of the site, hopefully that gives everyone a chance to get notifications of new posts pretty much instantly.

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