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Tipster ServiceI mentioned this service a few times before as their results appear to be pretty darn good. As my long term readers will know, I very rarely promote a service like this but more and more people are asking for a good service which does “all the work” for you, so for those of you, this one looks good for two reasons:

  1. Results – 5 months of profitable tips IF they can be believed (looked good to me but past results are not hard to fake)
  2. 100% Money Back Guarantee – This counts for a lot, without this I wouldn’t touch any service like this.

They have given me a 63% discount link for Ascot week, this is only running this week. It ends on Saturday.

Here is the discount link, time will tell how good this service is but if you look at their published results it looks very profitable at least on paper. If it isn’t, the money back guarantee will come in handy 🙂



Racing Naps Offer — 2 Comments

  1. About this promotion, you have to be careful because they are the same team from the Midas Methods. Also have you tried that yourself? I am a bit confused that you are not keen to paying the money to tipster as you mentioned to us earlier.

    • Hi Jono, I don’t fully understand what you said there but I get the general gist of it. Yes I have heard good and bad things about Midas, if it wasn’t for the money back guarantee (which can’t be denied as its via Clickbank) I would probably be more hesitant. But people do keep asking me to mention if I see something worth a look, and I think this is just that “worth a look”. Nothing more. I can’t guarantee it as you know, but if the results are as good as their provided 5 month historical records it could be a good little bank builder for newbies and people looking for easy growth to their bank. Small stakes are essential until it’s proven itself. I have a friend who is planning on testing this service with my money so I am giving it a go myself. It will quickly be apparent whether it’s decent or not, but if the past results are anything to go by, it could be a rare good one.

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