Tipster ServiceWell I have been following this service since it’s recent launch and it hasn’t impressed me too much so far. However I think I am right in saying it’s in a dip, and not a bad service as such. At least thus far their results show they are picking good horses and with many close finishes with their horses losing but only by a very small margin, I feel reasonably sure they are due a good string of winners going by their past results and how they are currently just around even.

I could be wrong of course, I am not inside their business enough to know exactly how they are picking their selections etcetera. But generally when a service has results like theirs over the 5 months pre-launch, and they have a period of flat-lining (level pegging), it’s common to find  a good run of winners and start bringing their average back up to their previous longer term average.

Be aware that you can get a refund up to 60 days after purchase, so it’s free to try out if you keep a note in your diary and remember to get that refund if you’re not happy with the results after 55 days or so. That’s the way I would approach it anyway, why pay unless you’re happy with a service?!

They are still offering a good discount of over 50% via this discount link. Let’s hope my hunch is right and we are about to see a nice run into profit. For those who haven’t subscribed, this could be the best time to do so, again giving you 60 days “Free” owing to the 60 day refund policy (where they can’t deny you your refund as Clickbank will take care of it even if they did).

More importantly, I am working hard to release a couple of horse racing trading ebooks very shortly. I am just sorting out the admin stuff, the eBooks themselves are complete. I will announce it here once they are ready on the site.

Hope you’re all enjoying the summer, I am hiding in the air conditioned office when needed, hence the ebook writing! All the best for now…



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