In play and LTF ebooks

I have had some great feedback on the new ebooks, especially the In Play ebook which is thankfully doing the business and helping people bank some decent profits already, that’s extremely satisfying for me and makes me pleased I did end up producing it which was no small project I can tell you!

I have also had a few emails today from people looking to grab the IR ebook for the bank holiday weekend, I don’t know what happened but there was some problem with the checkout page at Clickbank so some of you couldn’t order. Sorry, I really haven’t a clue why not as everything is as it was a few days ago and nothing has been changed, but it does seem to be working again this evening. I haven’t yet removed the discount coupons which I gave out when it was published so if any of you want to try again it should work now, and don’t forget to use the code for 20% off. I will kill the code next week after the bank holiday fun and games are over. The code is “INRUNNING” (all one word without quotes), enter that in the “coupon” field when ordering and then click “Apply” before you checkout. The product page is here.

Hope you all have a sunny weekend like I am, and thanks again for all the emails with such positive comments about the new ebooks, it means a lot to read those.

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