Happy New Year Betfair Traders!

Well here begins another one! My NY celebrations fell apart at the last minute so like a sad old git I had a nice bottle of 10 year old red with my 20 year old wife (well ok, but she looked it after the wine) and she fell asleep in front of some mainstream TV dribble, so I buggered off to the office to do a few bits and check out the footie stats. How sad! Not really, starting the new year on a trading note is never a bad move in my book!

That IS my wife, honest

So before covering a couple of the games I am interested in, I wanted to wish all my loyal readers an exciting and profitable 2018. And here’s hoping a few more people jack in the day job and take up this challenging but worthwhile lark instead!

The Pre Race ebook is on my list to get finished early in 2018 but I must confess it took a back seat for a while as, in all honesty, I found it incredibly difficult to write it while trading. Much harder than I expected anyway. My original intention was to trade completely as normal, but with the (seemingly simple) added step of taking screenshots of trades, noting down why I took them, when I got in and out etcetera. But after quite a few attempts, I noticed that it was enough to knock my concentration just a tad, and of course I had to focus on the markets. After quite a few tries, I gave up trying to do both at the same time. It’s hard to explain but basically, just trying to think about explaining what I am doing, while doing it, doesn’t work! Racing trading just takes SO much focus, there isn’t time to think about anything other than the market, watching the live feed etc. I actually thought I would be able to do the two things at once, but I wasn’t. It reminded me how even after all the years I have been doing it, I still need every ounce of concentration to get it right!

Even just taking a screenshot of a ladder could sometimes be enough for me to miss my entry or exit, especially as I tried scribbling some notes for the ebook to go with the image. As anyone who has traded the racing markets will know, a split second change in concentration, even if your eyes are still glued to the screen (but mind elsewhere briefly) can be more than enough to mess up a trade or, more often in my case, miss a move by a split second! I am not sure what the solution is, I can certainly write a damn good ebook on the subject without quoting loads of specific trades, but I don’t want to do that as I think the best explanation always comes from a relevant example. I will solve the problem, even if it means using another Betfair account and trade smaller stakes for a while, enough to show everything necessary, but not enough to cause me a headache and allowing me to focus on the explanation more than the trade, but still get the trade right of course! Anyway, it’s in the works, and some extremely useful content will be coming your way some time in the early part of this new year. Better late than never, and it’s got to be good as this racing trading is something I really want to help people get into, and I know many readers are keen to give it a go.

Just a brief footie mention…

Burnley v Liverpool – Burnley concede very few goals but I can’t see them holding off Liverpool on current form. It’s an AWAY LTD so caution is advised, but I will be having a go if the odds get down to 4 before any goals.

Leicester – tempting but not confident enough in them scoring. If they get to half time without scoring (0-0) then I may have a look, if the game has any life to it. It will probably be 2-0 by then, but happy to miss out if that’s the case.

Sheffield Wednesday – likewise, HT LTD if 0-0. Not confident about it, just fancy it, so maybe a half stakes job UNLESS I saw game play which makes me even more interested.

Oh and finally, Everton v Man U – same again, HT LTD IF 0-0. Unlikely, but if I get lucky and nobody scores by HT, I will be in for a full stake LTD hopefully at cheap odds.

Once again, all the best to you all for 2018 🙂

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