A quick word about “Value” bets (or trades)

I have had a few comments recently regarding the concept of “Value” when trading on Betfair. I answered those queries but after responding to another one today I thought I would put up a quick post using my reply in case other readers are wondering about it too. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe there is a forum thread buzzing somewhere on this topic lately, either way…..   “Just wondering about this whole “value” concept that I have read about so much over the last year or so and how this relates to the methods used to pick LTD selections. How do we know we are getting value with …

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Hi all, sorry for lack of posts recently. There are various reasons, some slightly experimental too, so here is a summary… I got ill yet again, driving me crazy and don’t think my body can take many more courses of antibiotics at this rate! That caused me to stop posting for a while, trading is just about manageable when unwell (some of the time anyway) but posting on the blog takes a bit more effort, screenshots and explanations etc, so i left that for a while. Wrist – turns out I was right and they were ignoring my valid concerns. Cartilage damage means surgery likely now, so i was told …

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Happy New Year!

Well mine has started well, connection issues again. BT did a great job of installing my optical fibre connection, through a large tree and across through neighbours garden to the pole. The only problem seems to be, trees grow. Apparently this is quite normal. But optical fibre cables don’t grow at the same rate, so I now have a very stretched cable which doesn’t like strong winds, which we had last night. Its up and down, so I will have to get the plonkers out yet again. Also please note I am on travels for the next couple of weeks. I will be trading as and when I can but …

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What a junk coupon…

Ok, this time of year we dont expect much, but Saturday’s can often find something worth having a go at. Not today though. Seattle almost made me click, but yanks can’t play “soccer” so that just doesn’t interest me to even look if stats exist! I SO nearly layed the remain vote, it was 1.18 on Betfair when I looked but I was going out and too busy to care much. But no question that was an ENORMOUS VALUE BET. 1.18 while not one single talking head could call it either way. It was a coin toss, everyone knew that, the result proved it. So what the hell is 1.18 …

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Favorite My Football & Racing Trading Diary & Betfair Methods

Betfair Trading

Nowt like a cuppa after a day’s trading!

Welcome to my sports trading blog

This site was initially started as my day to day Betfair diary but after so many requests from readers it quickly evolved into a place to explain my approach to trading on the betting exchange.

I now cover everything from the trading methods I use, psychology, money management and anything else I think budding traders need to know in order to become successful in this exciting and lucrative home-based business.

If this is your first time visiting my site, please take a minute to read my Welcome page which explains some of my background in trading and some important things all new reader’s need to be aware of.

What attracts most readers to this site is learning my strategies, some of which I’ve published and some which I plan to publish when I find time to explain them properly. Trading on Betfair is tax-free. It allows traders to work from the comfort of their own home with no travel costs and very few setup costs. If you’re a sports fan it’s also an extremely enjoyable way to earn a living! No wonder so many people want to learn it.

As many of my long-term readers know, the main bulk of my daily trading was always football (hence the domain name). This included a variety of methods but mainly my Lay The Draw strategy which was my bread and butter approach to the markets. This was the first ebook I published and it was so well-received by readers that I began receiving hundreds of requests to explain my other methods.

Despite my best intentions, I didn’t get around to it for a very long time. I finally set about producing more ebooks during 2017. I don’t know why it took so many years to find time to do it, but it did, and not only on football but racing trading too. I created the ebooks, semi-reluctantly to be honest, to help other novice traders do better on Betfair, which is now the main focus of the site. Being busy with full time trading meant that I had very little time and even less desire to spend days or weeks writing down all the things I do mostly on instinct or from memory of years of daily practice. It just didn’t seem a worthwhile thing to be doing, but after I realised how much some people struggle with their trading, I decide to give it a go and the feedback was nothing short of superb.

It was this feedback which spurred me on to produce more, if it weren’t for the fact that I now know people actually making money with my methods, I would have no desire whatsoever to slave at the keyboard until sunrise night after night! It’s damn hard work and takes more effort than just trading them rather than explaining them!

Despite my early football trading beginnings, I quickly became interested in horse racing trading too and for the past ten years or so, both football and horse racing have been my main focus, although I do dabble in other areas like Rugby, Snooker and various other sports when decent opportunities arise.

Want to learn how to make money on Betfair?

For newbie traders I published a completely free eBook called “The Beginner’s Guide To Betfair Trading”. This is well worth a read for any novice trader as it explains what trading is all about, how it works, and how to get started from square one. Please download your free copy here.

If you are looking for my trading methods, the ones I have published are all shown on the Betfair Methods page. If you are interested in the horses, have a look at my horse racing trading article too as that page alone has helped countless people improve their pre-race trades. For anything else, use the menu at the top to browse to the area you want to learn about, or scroll down to read my blog.

I hope you enjoy the site and put the information to good use in your trading!


Well Brondby interests me now, not massively but enough for a small LTD. Its 0-0 at HT as I pretty much expected from the stats. The first half events dont suggest it was too busy, which is a slight concern, but looking at their stats its the second half when they seem to come alive, so lets hope thats  the case! …

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Go Columbia!

Well I have never had such an enjoyable world cup football season! I am getting behind teams I have never even bothered to watch before, Algeria, Belgium, and now Colombia who are in my opinion the strongest team in the whole world cup competition. They are playing out of their skin and I can see them beating Brasil tonight! I ain’t betting, don’t get me wrong, there is a big difference between thinking, hoping, guessing etc, and TRADING. Trading is something I am on a sabbatical from as many of you have already guessed. I am very busy with a house move and loads of personal stuff at the moment …

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Well I could have waited for what is more than likely going to be a full stake win, but I need to make a pizza so I am going to cut and run. As expected, Madrid set the score back level and then went 2-1 up so I am taking an exit there. I did my alternative exit strategy of laying the home team instead of backing the draw, The result is shown below. If i was watching I would be cheering on Levante now! When home team odds drop this low, this kind of exit costs nothing but gives a tiny chance of a whopping win 🙂 …

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Internationals Day

Hi, I am not trading any lay the draws today, its a coupon full of international games. However, if I still had Bet Angel I would definitely be spending an evening in my office tonight, as the scalping, bookmaking and dutching opportunities are fantastic with these international games. You can bank easy money just taking a tick in the odds ladders here and there. I will do a video on how to do this as soon as I can, but I need Bet Angel again first and I have little spare cash outside of my Betfair account at the mo, so it may be a few weeks. I plan lots …

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Both tempters which I turned down are 1-0 at HT, so two winners that would have been if I hadn’t ruled them out. I do so very much wish that didn’t bug me!!!!!! I noticed Roda JC v Heerenveen is 3-3 with 15 minutes to go. Any game with 6 goals and 15 minutes to go, must surely have another goal to come. With the draw at a nice round zero, I thought it worthy of an evens lay bet. Will trade out if a goal comes in. Risk £100, worth a shot I think, have done this before with success most of the time, not always though of course.

Summer update

As most of you know I don’t do a great deal of trading during summer. Football is sketchy and unreliable as far as stats are concerned. Important – I am also planning on releasing some guides on how I trade, including all of my current daily-use methods. Laying the draw is obviously my big one, but it’s far from being my only tool in the box. Its the staple diet of trading for me, but the other methods often add a good percentage on top of the year’s earnings. Watch out for updates during the coming winter, as soon as the weather changes and I get more time at the …

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General news about this trading diary….

Just for info, I have had a few people asking for more detailed information about how I select my trades. I am very busy with various projects at the moment, aside from trading. I am also very busy with family stuff and possibly moving home soon, so it won’t be for a while but at some point in the near future I will be writing an ebook which will be free for download, which will detail my entire method, all the secret tips and tricks I have learned over the years to finding a winning trail of selections enabling me to make a profit year on year with only around …

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