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Welcome to my site explaining my approach to trading on the Betfair betting exchange, why and how I do it, and how you can too with some of the methods I have picked up and devised over the many years.

Betfair trading is tax-free. It allows traders to work from the comfort of their own home with no travel costs and very few setup costs. If you’re a sports fan it’s also an extremely enjoyable way to earn a living!

** My ‘Lay The Draw’ eBook is finally published! **

As many of my readers know, I have been working on writing a detailed eBook to publish my entire method for analysing and implementing my football trades. This is something I have been asked to do by literally hundreds of people over the years but I just never found the time until now. The footie break this summer especially with the Euros, gave me a nice relaxed period to finally put pen to paper and document each and every step, every click, every glance I make when choosing my daily Betfair trades.

ebooksmallHaving been doing this for so many years, it took a lot of time and effort to actually document everything I do because so much of it is done on auto-pilot. But finally it’s done, and after asking a few people to have a look at it and give me their thoughts, the views are very positive so I hope this will provide many readers with an extremely useful insight into this simple strategy for trading full time on Betfair. Click here to read more.

I am repeatedly being asked to publish more of my Befair trading strategies but this takes time to document fully, I am working on it. I have recently updated my page about horse racing trading where I outline my preferred methods, if that’s more your thing.

In Play horses and Lille

Well firstly the French footie –  Lille was mentioned to me by a few people today for various reasons, but for those who saw it as a “lay caen” or “back lille” opp, I would certainly agree with either. there was a better way (totally different) to trade it but I was busying around with horses today so I didnt look at it until a while after the 0-1 goal. The small back bet didn’t pan out but that’s fine, they can’t always and this was one I would take any time. You can see why I stake small this time of year though as I do always feel early season …

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New article and IR racing trading ebook

I have just finished slogging out the last ebook I will be taking on for a little while. I have added an article on the site about the same subject – In Play Racing Trading. I know a fair number of my readers have been doing football for a long while but have been waiting for my racing ebooks before dabbling in the horsey markets. I take that as a compliment from those of you who have been patiently nudging me along for the past, what, 3 years?! Once again, since I know you are all signed up to the ezine list or faceslap page, I have created a 20% …

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New product

Well typically, I have overdone the hours again. Burning the midnight oil to get some products written for the past week or two and I have come down with another infection so I am back on my 5th course of strong antibiotics. Just what I needed, not! Anyway, I am pleased to be able to report that a new product is now available – Laying The Field. As usual, this is my own approach to a method which some people may have heard of, and the ebook details every single minute detail I possibly consider when using it. I have also published a new article on the site about this …

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Well I have been following this service since it’s recent launch and it hasn’t impressed me too much so far. However I think I am right in saying it’s in a dip, and not a bad service as such. At least thus far their results show they are picking good horses and with many close finishes with their horses losing but only by a very small margin, I feel reasonably sure they are due a good string of winners going by their past results and how they are currently just around even. I could be wrong of course, I am not inside their business enough to know exactly how they …

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Racing Naps Offer

I mentioned this service a few times before as their results appear to be pretty darn good. As my long term readers will know, I very rarely promote a service like this but more and more people are asking for a good service which does “all the work” for you, so for those of you, this one looks good for two reasons: Results – 5 months of profitable tips IF they can be believed (looked good to me but past results are not hard to fake) 100% Money Back Guarantee – This counts for a lot, without this I wouldn’t touch any service like this. They have given me a …

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Replies to a few readers….

back the draw bet

Hi all, just a quickie to comment on some emails and reader-suggested trades today… Kawasaki – This is a good price for a LTD and I would not be against the idea of a trade from KO at 3.8ish, however the better option in my view is a wait and see job, HT LTD if scores are level, with (and/or) perhaps an Overs bet at HT if it’s 0-0 (small one as bet or larger one as a trade out after 1 or 2 goals)   Kofu v Kashiwa – I can’t remember who was considering trading this as an away LTD now, but my thoughts are a definite NO …

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For the bonus baggers…..

Hi all, just a quickie for the many readers who I know are well into the bonus-bagging sign up offer pocketing stuff. Betfair have just announced a new promotion for their casino, they are offering a £400 Welcome Bonus plus 100 free spins. That sounds like easy free money for those who look for these offers. Here is the offer. I am working away on ebooks and stuff here with lots of good stuff coming for summer so you can absorb it before the new footie season starts. Sorry for the delays, it sometimes seems like someone upstairs just doesn’t want me to get these things done! Rest assured I …

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Rigged game?

Well I have had another couple of crazy weeks involving hospitals and NHS mistakes which I won’t even go into as my blood is boiling enough that I can’t bear to talk about it right now, I will put my energy into a monster complaint instead. I had a message from a regular reader (thanks T) with a screenshot of a game yesterday..   I didn’t get the email until today but how surprised do you think I was to find this…… I wonder if any other readers spotted it? I also would be curious to know what the 0-0 correct score was, and various other prices as there may …

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Content updated

Hi all, just a quickie to say I have finally got round to fully updating my article on pre-race horse racing trading. I put a lot of time into this as so many have asked for a lot more info than I offered before. An ebook will follow as soon as I can, but for now I am hoping this page gives many of you insatiable fanatics something to chew on while you wait! Also thanks for the updates from many of you on how well your lay the draw trading is going, really inspiring to read some of your messages and to see how skilled a lot of you …

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Seems I am saying this every month, but I am unwell again and on strong antibiotics yet abloodygain. Half my own fault for being too run down, so much going on in life at the moment with sick relatives and all sorts of other stuff, but another month or so and I should have a lot of chaotic stuff organised better and will be back with a bang, already have some stuff written ready for the site but not publishing until I have time to do it properly, answer questions etc. So once again….. back soon folks! P.S. Thanks to all those who have written in with stories of good …

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OMG – It worked?!

Thanks to Stuart who this morning alerted me to how it appears to be fixed. Betfair’s “All” or “Today” coupon DOES now show ALL games for today. I thought this was “impossible” yesterday, amazing how quick they overcame and rewrote the laws of physics! Thanks to all those who dropped a complaint or comment to Betfair. And as much as it pains me after so many years of horrifically bad customer service, I have to say thank you to Betfair for making the impossible possible, and fixing the buttons so they do show all games again. What a relief, and I am sure we just helped many thousands of Betfair …

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Betfair Screw Up – Yet again

Thanks to a post from a reader, I thought I should make a quick post to explain a few things about the new and “improved” (HA HA HA HA) Betfair website. You may have noticed that their website changed very recently. It looks different, but is actually not much different at all, just a slightly different layout. However, for us traders, they made one small change which is a pain in the ar5e for people like us who want to shortlist all of the day’s games from ONE page, or coupon as it used to be called before this ‘wonderful improvement’. They used to have a “Today” coupon which, funnily …

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Brief update

Just when I posted that I couldn’t take many more courses of antibiotics, I am on yet another course. I have septicemia (I am out of danger) which was really fun, not. 🙂 I went to A&E with every single known symptom of it, from tracking infection marks running up my leg, to cold/hot sweats, to dizziness and confusion to everything else except a coma (although I felt close at one point!). The wonderful “Nurse Practitioner” who assessed me in the absence of any actual doctors, said ….. this takes a while to say….. I had “bruising, not an infection”. I argued like hell (politely) which got me nowhere of …

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Hi all, sorry for lack of posts recently. There are various reasons, some slightly experimental too, so here is a summary… I got ill yet again, driving me crazy and don’t think my body can take many more courses of antibiotics at this rate! That caused me to stop posting for a while, trading is just about manageable when unwell (some of the time anyway) but posting on the blog takes a bit more effort, screenshots and explanations etc, so i left that for a while. Wrist – turns out I was right and they were ignoring my valid concerns. Cartilage damage means surgery likely now, so i was told …

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horse racing selections & today’s footie picks

I have been away for a few days again. While I was away I had a chat with a friend I haven’t seen for some time. I still get a lot of emails from people looking for horse racing selections. Either to back or to lay. Many people seem to think there is loads of easy cash to be made with ‘laying systems’. I am not going to say it’s not true that there are some very good laying systems out there (not really systems, just selection services/methodologies) but I will say there are very FEW of them. There seems to have been a move to laying as opposed to …

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Tuesday 31 Jan

Not much at all on today’s card. Cups and Internationals mainly. One game which looks worth a go if level at HT is Notts Forest v Rotherham. It would be nice if Rotherham could somehow magically prevent a goal before HT. Second half looks likely to see a goal from Forest I think. The only alternative idea is to wait and hope for a low unders or LTD entry at around 70-75 minutes if still no goals or level.

Thanks Lee – Egypt…..

Not sure whether this merits a “WTF?!” or not! The prices on Unders (0.5 and 1.5) suggest the market believes two goals are due here, which is priced at evens. Yet the draw is odds on before KO?! Weird. Without looking at any stats at all, there is a less than evens LTD here which can be held right up til the final whistle, I would be prepared to risk slightly less than my stake on A goal here at any time, greening after 1 goal if it comes. Well spotted that man 🙂 …

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