Betfair Trades 27th January

So far I have found lots of borderline trades, so will be avoiding them as only looking for the very best picks while I do some bank building. An example is Paris STGermain vs Lille. It looks pretty good, but Lille only concede one goal per game on average, and that’s just enough to put me off today. A couple of Dutch games were similar, but with reasons not to trade them and I always approach it from that perspective. If I can’t find any reason to avoid the trade, those are the picks I will trade. Having looked right through the coupon for today, there is nothing clear enough …

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Football Trading update 26 Jan

Well, it seems like stats don’t count for very much these days!! Lazio struggled to get a goal or put anything too exciting together really threatening a goal, but Chievo got one around 15 mins into second half. I decided to exit the trade for a tenner lost, which is a good result overall. But with Lazio’s price going out to 8, and with those stats on the books, I decided to back Lazio for £50 at 8. Will probably trade half of the stake out if they score, and leave the other half in for a win.

Betfair Football Trades 26 Jan

Lazio v Chievo – stats are about as good as they get on this one. Didn’t look at it until I got home around 20 mins after KO, so I laid the draw at 3.35 which is a bargain after 20 minutes IF something weird hasn’t happened like a red card. Doesn’t look like it so hopefully a cheap trade this one, fingers crossed its a winner. Waalwijk v Breda – Not a dead cert but one to look more closely at stats on. Not sure whether will trade this but it made the shortlist. A couple more games later this evening on shortlist for detailed look at recent form …

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Football update

Well it was a winner. I laid £200. West Ham scored first just to wind me up and test the old nerves! Arsenal were playing well and after equalising they were just as keen to score more goals, but most importantly it is rare that a game doesn’t follow the stats picture in the end, so I left it running for half hour and went and got some food cooked. Came back to see a nice 5-1 scoreline! Greened up £195. That’s hopefully back to the normal winning routine, touch wood! Its been a bumpy patch of late, but these tend to come along every 6-12 months and knock the …

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Football trades 19th January

Had a few on shortlist today but not sure I will be trading them as nothing is nailed on. Malaga looks good but with 40% of goals scored in last 15 minutes, I think that’s a recipe for disaster. Twente looked slightly tempted but ruled out as away team seem to be scoring ok and not conceding a lot. Juventus v Udinese looks the best of the bunch. I may watch some of the game and trade if I see it looking really lively, otherwise I will leave it and take a day off.

18th Jan final update

Well it was a nervy trade in the end, but thankfully Leicester got the goal in the 70th minute just as I was sitting down to trade out. I laid Leicester to exit, so instead of greening up £88, I have an £85 win on Leicester and the Draw, but a nice £884 green on Middlesborough. I sometimes do that in games like this, as Middlesboro are pushing for a goal, and its feasible they could win so would be a nice windfall if they did and a few quid lost if they dont.

Football trading update

Well Lyon was a losing trade. Stats were awesome, game wasn’t, can’t do anything about those. These things happen. Thank God I didn’t enter at 5.4 as I am sure some people will have as the stats were a nailed on lay the draw. Small mercies! Leicester have had shots off the bar but so far no goals, it’s half time. Fingers crossed for a goal there

Football update

Well no goals in Lyon after 15 minutes so I am laying the draw at a much better price of 4.3. It was 5.4 before KO so I am glad I didn’t take that although I never do take odds over 5. Significant value in that drop in first 15 minutes, it can sometimes mean its a dead game, so I am going to watch some of the game and check it is looking lively. Stats are great. I did lay the draw at Leicester earlier, getting odds of 4. It is now 4.2 soon to be 4.3 so that looks like a good one too. 15 minute delay on …

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Today’s Betfair Trading Picks

Two lay the draw picks on my shortlist for today: 1. Leicester v Middlesborough – this seems quite cheap at 4 so I have already ordered my bet 2. Lyon v Evian – overpriced currently, around 5.3 which is a tad too expensive for me, but the stats are excellent and its a top vs bottom league game so it is probably a winner. If the odds come down to 5 I will be laying the draw there during the day.