30th March

Well there were lots of good looking games but the Betfair website, including the API which connects to my preferred Betfair trading software Bet Angel, has been playing up a lot. Very weird stuff going on, and no doubt it has cost a lot of people a lot of money. Steering clear, as when these things happen, it can be a very very dangerous thing to be involved in a live market. It’s a shame but the only sensible thing to do. Will look to tomorrow instead, unless i find Betfair is definitely fixed by evening time.

29th March Betfair Trading

Helmond Sport v Eindhoven – this looks a cracker on the stats, but price looks too high. Hoping it comes down but if not its a sit on hands job. PSG v Montpellier – This is a good one, taking the cheap price into account @ 4. The stats are not as strong as some trades, but then the price is very good at 4, so all things considered this is a good trade in my view. That’s it for today

Betfair trades 26th March

Mansfield v Nuneaton – This looks low volume but could be enough for me to trade by tomorrow evening. The stats are excellent, only the price is where I might have a problem. If it is around 5 to 5.2 I will trade it, but I have a feeling it might rise as more money comes into the market. Nothing else of interest, won’t be much betfair trading during all these international games.

final update

Well the Caen game was one of those wind ups you get now and then. Cost me £500 too 🙁 Bit scary playing at these bigger stakes, but its all about the percentages I suppose! Losing days are necessary, otherwise there would be no such thing as trading …

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24th March Football Trading

Well snow is ruining lots of stuff, but here is what I think to today’s coupon: Abinoleffe v Tritium – absolute bargain on those stats, priced at 4.1. However for me its not tradeable due to very little money on the game. For anyone trading £10s and £20s, it may be a great bargain trade though. Villareal v Rec de Huelva – looks a trade to me. Caen v Istres – Looks a very cheap trade. Not a nailed on certainty based on stats, but at that price plenty good enough for me to have a play  

Betfair Trading 20th March

Not much doing today. Only one game on my shortlist for laying the draw – Westerlo v Dessel Sport, a Belgian League 2 game which means probably very low liquidity. Not certain I will trade it, but I like the stats. Will see how the money looks on the ladders in Bet Angel tomorrow. …

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17th March Football trading – late post

Sorry for the time of this post. For some reason I couldn’t log in to post my picks earlier. I only had one trade (Fiorentina) which netted me a nice £400 green. I am just checking what other picks I have for this evening, but one I found so far which I like the look of is Roma v Parma so I am trading that one. Will update if I find any more Betfair trades I am interested in