Well, Turkey was a tight affair. After the red card at 0-0, I decided to take the advantage that offered and traded out for a £30 loss, which is damn good value considering i was in the trade for nearly 65 minutes. But…. of course….. 30 seconds after I traded out, Fenerbahce got the goal. You just have to laugh when that happens, as it does happen quite often, well for me it does anyway! Bilbao – I have traded out of that one too, small loss after Espanyol went ahead. It could well come good and usually I would stay in, but I have a lot of things to …

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Well I have two games I am trading today. I may end up wishing I hadn’t traded either, as both have slight potential problems in the stats, but if lady luck doesn’t have anything against me today, I can’t see why these two shouldn’t both pay out. I do feel a bit strange though, and if I was trading super tight, I would just leave today alone. Fenerbahce Athletico Bilbao

thanks villareal!

you rounded off my day nicely, not! oh well, losing days are part of trading. i could have done without it right now, but thats just the way it goes. if you cant hack it, trading isn’t for you, and i have been through enough 5hitty runs in my time to know it comes good as things even out, so here’s to tomorrow


Well, we got the goal. Whilst it came I had an idiot here collecting something I sold on ebay. My god could this guy talk! Talk about lonely, i was as polite as possible, but said I had to go quickly so could he hurry up, that was when he began telling me about his wife leaving him….. AAAGH! I pretended to run to the loo and quickly ran to the computer and ordered my exit then ran back out. Came in to see the odds at 1.8 and my bet still on. SOOOO annoying, wish I had Bet Angel again now, for some reason my bet didn’t get accepted …

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well i did say it could go either way! Hercules scored, and i would usually stay in to take profit with later developments in the game, but i am busy fixing my car and can’t hear the pings so i have just taken a £36 loss, as its easier to call that one quits for a small loss and saves me having to run back and forth checking goals!

Saturday Football Trading – Lay The Draw

Mallorca v Hercules – Very odd one this. It could go very much either way, but at 3.9-4 I see a decent value trade here so I have laid the draw. Kicks off at 1715hrs AZ v Utrecht – 1945. This is pricey, but the stats seem just about good enough to justify it. I have ordered my lay the draw at 5.3 and hope to get matched before or shortly after KO. Villareal v Celta de Vigo – 2100 – Some small doubts here, but given the price, it’s still great value I think. 4.2 That’s it. Strange day, strange stats and odds, so it could be a big …

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Very hard decision, but no trades

Everton v Crystal Palace – This is 99% there for me, but it is not cheap and with my bank hit a bit by my mistake last week, I am tightening up and so this one JUST scrapes out of contention. I am sure I would normally trade this one, but for now I am choosing nothing but the best, so no trades today for me

That’s me out!

Well 2-0 to the dog, happens sometimes, and I am out with a £50 profit. can’t grumble at that. As often happens, it may come back to 2-2 and if it does before HT I MAY have a bash if the odds are nice and low and offering a very cheap bet on a 5th goal which is likely after 4 have been scored. But for now I am bagging my green and getting out. …

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One trade today

Leyton v Bristol – Stats are good, seen better, but they are good. What is pretty amazing however is the price. I just laid £200 @ 3.85. Consider this league position shot below, and you will see why I think that’s a very cheap price not to be missed. Doesn’t mean its a dead cert, nothing ever is, but at that price with an almost “top plays bottom” affair, I am all over it! …

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Oh dear!

I am such an idiot! Once a year I seem to do this. Lose concentration that is. Ok, it was a losing trade this one, had a good run of late, and wiped it all out today, Why? Because I forgot I put the trade on and went out for a walk with my dog, had an eerie feeling the whole time I was out, like I had forgotten something, and I had! I didn’t trade out. Just sat down and saw that I was in a trade, totally forgot, 0-0 at full time too, bloody typical. Ok its my fault I forgot to trade out, but come on, on …

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Quick trade alert

Sociedad v Levante – I have just LTD @ 30 minutes at 3.85 – 0-0 score – stats look good http://uk.soccerway.com/matches/2014/02/09/spain/primera-division/real-sociedad-de-futbol/levante-union-deportiva/1517874/head2head/ No other trades today …

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Galatasary kicking off in 10 minutes

I have laid £200 on the draw at Galatasaray. A few nerves looking at these two teams previous head to heads, but home form is superb for Galatasaray lately, and unbeaten at home and also failed to score. Its all about the defence of the away team, but I fancy this one enough to be on it fairly heavy …

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No football trading today

All cup games except one which tempted me, PAOK v OFI. Stats are amazing ,home team unbeaten at home and won 14 out of 17 games. However, a closer look gave me enough reason to reject it, with the away team not conceding that many goals and the price being quite high at 5.3. That’s enough for me to say no to this one, so it’s a no trade day