well i just dont get it

i have had some bad runs in my time, but this latest one is pushing the limits of my patience. two stonking trades today which should have been clear big winners, easy winners, but the first ended 1-1 despite being a winning trade (which just makes the stats look insane!) and the second has my mind looking for conspiracy theories! How the hell does this game get to 70 minutes without a goal being scored. i have never seen such low odds on Over2.5 goals, it was something like 1.5 odds on. everyone expected goals, the stats suggest loads of em, but 70 minutes goes by without any! Not sure …

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one winning trade today

I mentioned it on facebook and twitter as the website was down. goal after 7 minutes. if you are not subscribed to my facebook and twitter pages, please do so via the images in the sidebar, that way you can get updates from me if the site goes down like today.

Today’s trading

Well first on the shortlist was Ascoli in the Italy premier league. It looked promising, but the home team just isn’t prolific enough at scoring goals, so avoiding that one and staying strict until i find a winning run again! The rest of the coupon is internationals so I wont be trading this evening

Quick trade announcement

SerieA Italy – AC Milan v Palermo – just kicked off and i was late doing stats. I am laying the draw at 4.1. Stats didn’t blow my socks off, but good enough to scrape in as acceptable for a lay the draw trade. Nothing else of interest on today’s coupon