Don’t trust Futbol24 iPhone App!

I have used this app for a few years now for goal alerts. I won’t be doing so any more after today! Newcastle went 2-0 up so I doubled up as I strongly expected a Chelsea comeback near the end. The last time I looked at my screen this is what it looked like…. So I popped away for a coffee safe in the knowledge I had my iphone in my pocket for goal alerts. I didnt hear anything so assumed it was a loser. Came back to see it bloody ended 2-2. FFS! I missed out on a nice green there. I won’t bother checking the odds chelsea came …

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Small bet

On Chelsea as now 0-1 down to Newcastle. I am not going mad as I have seen weaknesses in Chelsea recently and strengths in Newcastle too, but well worth £20 at 4.3 on Chelsea I reckon. I can have a good while in the trade with very little loss to wait for the equaliser, at which point I would remove liability (red) and leave all green on the Chelsea win. I got called away today so I missed a lot of good trades by the looks of the in play card. Hope some of you made some green! …

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Man 5hitty

I did say it wasn’t nailed on didn’t I! Still feels early in season to take these on, and i probably should have listened to my gut more but I am itching to get into full swing. Oh well lesson learned maybe. Exited 1.9

Lay Unders – I am laying under 2.5 goals at 1.22. Will green up after any goal


Well Japan proved a nice profit. Man City haven’t pulled their finger out yet, which was a slight risk, but I have added a bit more to my LTD at 2.68 as I expect a goal after HT and if not, its not much extra red to worry about but a lot more green if I am right. I have had a small back bet on Munich. they were priced at 1.14 before kick off, and are a goal down at 68 minutes!     …

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One other LTD

I am also laying the draw in the Crystal Palace v Man City game. It’s still early in season but I can see City taking a good strong lead here. It’s not a nailed on trade, but considering the nice price of 3.95, I am confident enough to take the trade


Just a quick update to say I have just laid the draw in the Yamagata v Hiroshima Japanese game at 1-1 @ 40 minutes in. This game won’t end 1-1, and at 2.7, thats a very cheap price. A decent trade in my opinion. Here are stats, note the away form for Hiroshima for my reasoning! …

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Fancy leaving it so late to score?! Oh well, those are the kind of bets I am happy to follow many losers until a winner turns up. A goal in the last minute would have been tasty! …

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Ha ha, well that’s interesting!

Schalke are 2-0 up away from home! Turns out to be a winning LTD but not the type I would have wanted t be involved in, hence me ducking it. I am however interested in a value bet when I see one, and I think laying them at under 1.25 is a value bet all day long. No guarantees, but the odds favour a win and the risk v reward makes it a no-brainer, for me anyway! …

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Nearly tempted, but restrained myself This was a close one for me, but I realised that if it was mid season with lots of picks, I would refuse this simply because it’s too high a price for such borderline stats for a trade. They are good stats don’t get me wrong, and they suggest the home team will win easily, but I rate those stats as a LTD around 4-4.1, not nearer 5. So I am leaving it and holding onto my wad just a tad longer 🙂