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Betfair Traiding for Beginners eBookHI and welcome to my blog. You can find out more about the various strategies I use for trading on Betfair using the links on the menu above, or go straight to my list of Betfair trading methods on the product page.

If you are total beginner, first things first you should download a FREE copy of my Beginner’s Guide To Betfair Trading. This will give you the basic concepts and fundamental knowledge required to undertake any form of trading, whether that be tennis, football, or the mighty horse racing markets! If you are yet to open a Betfair account of your own, make sure you take advantage of the free welcome bonus money on offer for new account holders. Visit my Betfair welcome bonus page for more information.

Horse Racing Trading is by far the most challenging type of Betfair trading, so I suggest you start out with Football until you fully understand the process of backing and laying, and are doing it in your sleep. Racing needs extremely fast thinking and reflexes, one mistake can be costly.

I will freely explain some methods in detail, some with more brief details, and some not at all (just being honest!)



Aside from the fact the information has cost me a fortune to learn and develop over the many years I have been trading, it would take hours to explain the methods well enough in a blog post to enable people to have much success with them, especially beginners. Therefore it would be irresponsible to just throw out a basic bullet point list of some methods, when I know it takes a lot of intuition and experience to fully master them. Trading is a journey, you can’t just hit the ground running even with a time-tested strategy like my Lay The Draw method.

I document some (not all) of my trades on my Betfair trading diary, but this is for information only and is not any kind of ‘trading advice’. I take NO responsibility for your trades, win or lose! Trading on Betfair is an adult only enterprise, and it carries significant financial risk to someone not taking it seriously enough. You can lose a lot of money very quickly, as you can in all trading, and I don’t ask anyone to copy me. But I do hope that publishing my daily trading diary and my methods may help some of the many people out there who are trying to trade on Betfair and not having much success so far. We have ALL been there, and anyone who claims to have been profitable from day one is almost certainly telling porkies.

There are so many systems and strategies to choose from, many costing a fortune yet not worth the paper they’re written on. I don’t claim to have a Holy Grail of my own, but I do think I do pretty well. I also mean it when I say I truly want to help people succeed in this business.

I have spent quite a few years trying out methods, and losing a lot of money along the way. I used to use around 10-12 sports trading systems per DAY. Not only was this stressful, but it was also very hard to focus properly. That was when I began to stop using the less successful strategies and focus fully on the ones I was doing better with.

Since then my trading improved dramatically. I don’t only trade football on Betfair, I do a fair bit of horse racing too, both pre-race and in-play trading. I also trade tennis when I can. Many years ago now when I first started, back when I was trying out endless different systems I ran approximately £3000 down to £300 in a season. I virtually gave up at that point. I did some numbers and looked over my diary (I used to keep a book on my desk noting every event along with my trading decisions/reasons etc) and reading through that suggested I did actually have some success despite the terrible losses. I just needed to find the nuggets in the P&L charts.

Keeping records is essential for anybody but especially for beginners, it’s your lifeline. I began to fine tune my approach, sticking mainly with Lay the Draw and a handful of other methods. That saw me grow that £300 bank back up to £800, then £1600 and then to £4000 which is when I knew I was finally starting to see signs of a real business developing, and when the pain of losing so much cash finally started to fade away!


Your own 100% FREE trading bank!

One thing I never did in the beginning (but wish I had) is take advantage of the incredibly easy way to build a trading bank of several thousand pounds for free. Bookie bashing, bonus bagging, free betting, call it what you like, this is an absolute idiot’s way to take free money out of thin air. The reason I didn’t do it is because I didn’t have the time to organise the approach using spreadsheets etc. I just couldn’t face it, I have never been a great organiser!

But since then a product has come out called Bonus Bagging which takes all of that legwork and hassle out of the process, making it ridiculously simple to cash in on this truly free money. For a full explanation of this superb service which pays for itself over and over again month in, month out, click here. The video will explain all. It’s genuine, I wouldn’t mention it if it wasn’t. And it’s a fantastic way to use other people’s money to begin your trading career, why risk your own money when you don’t have to? This is the biggest “leg up” you will ever get in trading, ignore it at your peril! All the money I lost in my long learning phase would have been much easier on my emotions if it hadn’t been rent money but money given to me as an incentive by bookmakers!

Seriously, I do believe that with a reduced level of emotional stress way back all those years ago, I probably would have found success a lot faster. If only I had known about this product then, that’s if it was available which I doubt it was. Anyway, this is one of those total no-brainers for any complete newbie to the world of Betfair trading. If Ladbrokes offered you a grand to go and trade with, and if you lose, they don’t want it back, what would you say? Yes I thought so, you would bite their hand off and so would I! Well that’s precisely what’s being offered here, so don’t risk a penny of your own money until you have used theirs!

I will be adding a lot of new content to the site throughout 2017 and 2018, as I have a lot of plans for methods to be published and maybe some mentoring, not sure yet. But either way, I wish you all the best for your trading career and very much hope I can have something to do with making it a huge success!



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  1. I have just retired and, having some free time now,looked at 2 games in today’s premier league.If you have the time I would be interested in your comments as to whether I am on the right track.

    C Palace v Chelsea
    16th v 1st
    Chelsea going for 11th straight win home and away.Only had one draw against Swansea in Sept.The formation change after 3-0 loss to Arsenal has paid dividends.The win that impressed me most (as a Chelsea fan) was the home win against WBA .Tony Pulis is an excellent coach and very astute.Palace 6 matches since a draw but only one win.Chelsea score twice as many goals as Palace but concede just half as many.Look at the BTTS stats for Chelsea away..a measly 38%.I think Palace could struggle to score.To me its a 0-0,0-1 HT-With Chelsea scoring again in the second half.

    WBA v Man Utd
    For me the game of the day! I must confess I have backed WBA to win already on BF as, to me, 5.7 to win at home is just too big.WBA won last 3 home matches……Utd W2 D1 L3 away.WBA scoring record at home just sways this for me an average 2 scored and 1.38 conceded…..while Utd away reads 1.38 both scored and conceded.The goals per half is another positive for me……WBA 9+7 scored 3+8 conceded while Utd 6+5 scored 3+8 conceded.Could be another draw or WBA could nick it….then again I could be completely wrong and Utd could romp it! For me (apart from my opening back bet on WBA) a definite in play trade.

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