In-Play (In-Running) Horse Racing Trading Methods – eBook

In Play Racing Trading ebookI must start by apologising to some of you old timers for how long it took me to get this produced, perhaps ten times as long as I originally suggested to the very first people to ask for it. I know, shameful!

This eBook took so much more time and effort than I ever expected it would take. However, on the plus side, I don’t mind saying that this is probably the best content I have produced to date and I am sure it will have been worth the wait. I don’t mean I expect to win a Pulitzer Prize for it, I am talking specifically in terms of actually helping people to quickly understand how to make some money from the In Play (In-Running) horse racing markets without doing a 4 year degree in rocket science followed by 2 years on the job training, and fifteen Betair bankrolls down the drain! (That’s the normal process by the way)

On top of that, I think this is the best value for money I have yet produced too. Not only because of how powerful the approach is, but because this eBook actually contains three methods rather than just the one. I couldn’t really write about one without mentioning the others, they all form my overall plan of attack for the in play racing markets and they all go hand-in-hand really, especially when doing the shortlisting in the morning, or when I am more organised, the evening before.


“It’s one thing knowing about a technique, but how to apply and then manage it is where the magic is, like with your LTD stuff, so a massive thumbs up from me! And written as though we were conversing in real life! Plus, the examples were great; after the first few, I found myself looking at the image before the writing to see if my thoughts were in line with your comments, so a very helpful tutorial there also!” D.M.


This eBook contains practically everything I do when trading In-Play, except for the odd toilet/coffee break, although I suppose I could have explained how to make a great latte. Start by freeze-chilling the milk…  🙂

Nothing is left out, and in fact there is far more included than I actually do on any average day, just to give readers the option to tune things to their requirements, learn faster than I did, and possibly do better than I do too. It all comes down to how much time you want to put in.

If you’re just looking for a fast way to learn about In-Running trading, this will fit the bill very nicely. But if you want to go into a lot more detail and really make it your new labour of love, testing and coming up with your own methods/variations etcetera, this ebook will give you a good kick start down that road as well.

It is important that you understand this approach requires trading software. I have already published an article on the various options available to you for finding the best Betfair trading software for your particular needs. But please make sure you understand that these types of Betfair strategies should not (in my opinion) be attempted by using Betfair just in your web browser, instant submission software is essential if you want to have a fighting chance in these furiously fast-paced and sometimes cut-throat in play markets!

In Play Horse Racing Trading Methods eBook

My brand new In-Play Horse Racing Trading Strategy eBook is a total of 131 pages, packed with useful and profitable content, stuff you can get to grips with immediately and start to copy yourself the very next day, although I would recommend taking a bit of time to practice (especially if new to trading software) and get fully up to speed with the processes and data checks etcetera before taking the plunge with your hard-earned dosh. The easiest mistakes for novices to make are not actually ‘trading’ mistakes, but more likely ‘fat finger’ mis-clicks within your trading software, very easily done if you don’t get yourself fully comfortable with your software and basic computer setup beforehand.

I am confident that anyone who fancies mastering the in-play racing markets will not find a better place to start than this. I hope it helps you hit the ground running (no pun intended!) and shows you how there is plenty of green to be had from these volatile but exciting markets.

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(This is a downloadable eBook in PDF format)

“Yes – Its the fact that you are aware of beginner mentalities and beginner mistakes and that you make everything as black and white as possible that sets you apart. Your customers actually obtain a full working system that they can use from day 1 pretty much. There are sellers out there who sell a system where crucial info to make the system work is omitted or they expect their readers to work out the core workings of the strategy for themselves and just give basic or general info which on its own is simply not sufficient to make the system work and which therefore makes it utterly useless.” J.M.

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