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250x325_2Betfair Trading, alternatively known as betting exchange trading, covers all aspects of betting on outcomes of major sporting events using the Betfair betting exchange. You can do this directly via your web browser on the Betfair website, but it is much easier and more efficient to use some Betfair trading software like I do.

There are many methods for making money with Betfair trading, and they include all sports, especially Football, Horse Racing and Tennis where you can find statistics on players or runners easily online.

Please see my new eBook which I offer FREE to all visitors – Beginner’s Guide To Betfair Trading

I am sure that anybody new to Betfair trading will find a lot of use in the free content as well as the trading methods published on the site, and if you really want to learn, you should follow my methods and my daily updates so that you can learn what I do and follow my trades live in many cases.

After several years running the site, I am finally giving up on resisting the requests from readers to learn my methods. As of June 2016 I am beginning to write down all the intricate details of my trading approach and the various strategies I have learned and honed over what must be fast approaching ten years now. On the products page you will find these being offered over the coming months. These will be published on the Products page so keep an eye out if you are on the hunt for strategies.

** Summer 2016 Update: **

I have just released my first eBook which documents my entire “Lay The Draw” strategy in fine detail, showing every check I make during my analysis when selected my trades, as well as my entire approach to each and every trade. Click Here for more information.

Here’s to your new career, may it bring you the freedom to work from home, in your own hours, and without paying the tax man. Amen to that 🙂

P.S. For the risk-free way to start trading, i.e. risking none of your own money in your trading bank, watch this video. It’s 100% genuine and unlike 99% of these types of offers, it actually IS as good as it sounds. I rarely get to say that.


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  1. hi Tim have traded on betfair for a number of years but not really done much good probably overloaded with info most of it us
    thanks kev

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