After years of being asked, I am finally preparing some products where I fully explain some of my Betfair trading strategies in full detail, nothing held back, for the benefit of other traders and those considering trying out some new Betfair trading systems. New products will be published on this page and announced in my ezine, use the form on the right hand sidebar to join and receive alerts when these become available.

I will soon be publishing details of my horse racing trading strategies, my other football strategies, and even how I trade tennis matches which is one of the most enjoyable trading methods for a tennis fan like me.

Currently I offer two eBooks:

Betfair Traiding for Beginners eBookBeginner’s Guide to Betfair Trading

This is a must read for any novice or aspiring Betfair trader.

It is completely FREE and it aims to introduce newbies or former gamblers to the wonderful world of Betfair trading, explaining all of the concepts in simple but clear language, allowing people to decide if this business interests them, and if they have what it takes to succeed.

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Laying The Draw

ebook explaining my method of laying the drawAfter many years of regular trading with this time-tested Betfair trading strategy, I was asked by countless numbers of my readers to actually document each and every step I take during my selection process, as well as how I trade the matches I choose.

This new eBook goes into the smallest details of my process, right down to every single click I make, how I check the team stats and form, how I deal with losing trades as well as winning ones. Absolutely nothing is left out of this eBook, it is the exact process I use to find and carry out my daily football trades.

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