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There comes a point when all Betfair traders realise the Betfair website platform is quite limited in it’s ability to take advantage of market movements, place entries and exits quickly, and green up accurately when closing out a trade. This is the point when you begin looking at decent trading software for one click orders, charts and various other essential tools.

Over the years I think I have tried every single Betfair trading software platform out there, and for me it comes down to three main contenders, all three having their own unique benefits and drawbacks, making it a fairly personal choice for each trader.

However with the experience I have had, I hope this page helps shorten the time it takes you to choose the best software program for your needs.


Geek’s Toy

Geeks Toy ImageThis comes in third place for me. Many people absolutely love it, and it’s hard not to love it at the fantastic price compared with other tools. The price was extremely low until not that long ago, but it now costs around £60 per year, which is a lot more than it was once upon a time.

Geek’s Toy is the most commonly used Betfair trading software program in use today, and I am sure the price has a lot to do with that, especially the historically low price which got many traders hooked on it early in their careers. However, just because it is cheap, don’t think it can’t do everything you need. It’s all about what you like to look at, what colours and layout feels best to you. For me, “GT” is not pretty enough, that’s all I can really say against it! I am one of those traders who have been around long enough to remember when GT was free! But back then it was even more ‘basic’ to look at, and it put me off, so I got into Bet Angel instead and once you are using something daily, it’s hard to move away from it, especially when the alternative is so ugly in comparison!



GT is no longer ugly however! And as far as function goes, well all I can say is I have known and do still know full time professional traders who use Geek’s Toy daily and do very nicely with it indeed. I like something bigger and brighter, that’s the only reason I don’t use it myself. Having said that, if I was just starting out in Betfair trading today, GT would be in the top two programs I would consider using, so make sure you have a look at it if you are considering trading software yourself.


Bet Angel

Betfair Trading Software - Bet AngelFor many years this was my favourite trading program, until very recently that is.

I have used Bet Angel for everything from trading horses in running to pre-race scalping, from laying the draw to backing the server when I am trading tennis! Bet Angel is a simply superb package, it is incredibly efficient and it is extremely reliable, something which becomes more and more important the more trading you do, and the larger sums you stake.

Peter Webb is a trader and he designed Bet Angel to suit his own trading needs, and as a full time racing trader he developed it brilliantly for that purpose but added to it over the years with things like Soccer Mystic and other “bolt ons” which adapted it use in any market.

So why don’t I rate Bet Angel as number one any more? Well, it’s just the price which grates me. It’s expensive at £150 per year. Yes I can afford to pay it, and I actually still do pay for it, but I am doubtful that I will renew my subscription since finding and using Gruss…..


Gruss Betting Assistant

Gruss ImageGruss is an utterly fantastic piece of software, every bit as good as Bet Angel unless you are fussy about the slightly different colours and a setting or two. Better still, and the reason it gets my vote as the best Betfair trading software on the market, the price is much more reasonable at just £6 per month or £60 per year. That’s less than HALF the price of Bet Angel, yet it can do everything Bet Angel can do (except Soccer Mystic which is useless in my opinion anyway).

Gruss has excellent charts, better than Bet Angel (for my way of trading), and everything you need to see when trading horses (main use for software) is clearly displayed all right where you are clicking.

This software was built by two brothers, Mark and Gary, and they do a fantastic job of supporting their customers. When you are trading for a living, and when your trading software plays such a vital role in that business, having fast and efficient support staff, people who actually give a damn about your enquiry and do everything they can to help, is of huge importance.

GrussI can’t fault the Gruss program in any way, it’s reliable, lightning fast (too fast, I actually slow it down in the settings!), and a pleasure to use. The settings seem much more intuitive and simple to work with than Bet Angel, and you can play with colours and layouts to your heart’s content. I am fussy about how my ladders look when I am trading so I like the flexibility Gruss offers, everything is tunable and customisable.

As far as value for money goes, nothing comes even close to Gruss in my opinion.


P.S. Just to be fair here, I ought to mention Bet Trader Evolution. The reason it doesn’t factor in my top three is simply because it is browser-based, I prefer locally installed software. For Mac users it’s a great program definitely worth looking at. Just thought I would mention it, I have used it and it’s excellent, it’s just the web-based thing which bugs me so I don’t use it but many do!

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